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David Newren

David Newren’s art reflects his passion and dedication to a sublime purpose. His paintings both symbolize and invite us to notice and embody the infinite possibilities that reside inside each of us.


His art reflects his inner journeys of exploration and free-flowing expression. Each painting is a unique communication reminding the viewer to know their own true nature.


David has a unique gift. His gift resides in turning an intangible conscious realization into a physical object that invites a re experience of an exploratory journey in conscious awakening he conducts in his sessions with clients.

"To define myself is something I am reluctant to do, as definitions are a limitation on free expression and growth. I have always loved great paintings and sculpture. When you admire art long enough, you begin to know what moves the Artist to create. When the muse begins to inspire you to create, there seems to be a thousand reasons not to.

You want to create great art yourself, but is your first effort going to be a masterpiece? Well, no and yes. No because your technical development is not yet competent and yes because simply begining to create, is your movement from being a spectator into being a creator on your pathway to not just your becoming an Artist, but in furthering your mastery of life and self.

So now I paint, because the muse has seduced me. I have no formal art credentials or training. Nothing but my inspiration and joy of creation to share with others and in this I find both my purpose and meaning in life.
"  - David Newren


There lies within each of us a mystic willing to come out and with wisdom and clarity guide us through life on our personal path of freedom.  Free expression is freedom for the soul and these works are my free expression of that which inspires me to those who know what it is to flow freely, or wish to.

These paintings are phrases, poems and Mantras that come to me as I am in meditation. Or doing a guided awakening session for those choosing to open further, into expressing and realizing the beauty that life can be for them.

The paintings serve as a reminder that we have free will and that we can use it to choose to open our hearts and minds, to expand our horizons, to appreciate the beauty of all life and to notice that all consciousness when traced back to its source and remembered again is one of unconditional love.

The movement of the consciousness that creates them is to me the inspiration of the grace that is the core truth that we find within when we find the truth that sets us free: the unfiltered essence of self.


The Paintings in this catalogue come from specific moments in my guided awakening sessions with Anna, Imran and Trevon. Some paintings have a link to a clip of the video session on Youtube. Where you can see the creative process unfold as the inspiration develops the concepts that are expressed in the paintings.



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