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Be ok with being wrong

Be ok with being wrong

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    Feel the tension in your body. None of this is real or true. The tension is telling you that you are wrong and to let your bad judgments go that led you to being tense. Be OK with being wrong about everything, if that is the realization that frees you. How right can you be if you are in a condition of constant suffering? If you were right about everything, you would already be self realized. The truth is, you don’t know anything about how to discern between truth and lies, right or wrong, good and bad. Your mantra? “ you are wrong about everything.” How can you ever have a good life if that is true? You can’t, so let’s change it by accepting the reality of your complete incompetence about everything. What are you good or expert at? It’s either nothing, or things that are largely worthless to you. Unless you are in a condition of loving triumph, You’re not being real or true to yourself and everyone else as well. When you acknowledge all of your painful truths, as being real, in their negative effect on you, you open the door to your transformation. The cost of you not being real or true is almost incalculable. Accept the lie that you are, so that you don’t have to continue being that. I was wrong about every limitation that I took on. Each limitation was fabricated, created, or given ownership and control over something that isn’t for others to control. You Cannot control others justly, until you can control someone with compassion, love and understanding of your connection with them as a divine revelation to and by you. When you realize the truth, how does it change “your truth” in your body? Be aware now. Allow yourself to experience your awakening. You are wrong about who you have been being here. You are bullshitting everyone, you are not you. You never were, and never will be the you that you think you are. Do you know that who you think that you are is wrong about everything? Consider the possible factor that you might choose in this very moment, to know the truth that sets “one” or “you” free, as your realized truth of self. You are creative and conscious, freedom itself. With more creative, unconscious self-destruction… UNTIL NOW. Game Over. You won. You transcended. You cannot be right about anything if you were wrong about yourself. I am wrong about everything that has caused me to suffer. I am mystified about how I ingrained wrongness into myself as my identity. If there is anything more wrong about you, than you. It is others points of view about you. How can anyone so unconscious that he identifies as a combatant himself, possibly be right about the truth of you? You are all wrong about the truth of you. I was wrong about myself, and now I am open to knowing and receiving the truth and to allow the truth to change me and continue to change me until my receipt of the truth of self has been sufficient as to have set me free.
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