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Beingness is the truth

Beingness is the truth

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    Beinginess does not transfer from one person to another. Beingness is the truth, not thoughts, beliefs or ideas. Your presence, awareness and consciousness is what’s real. so Quit looking to others to define your truth. Quit looking to others to tell you what’s real. Quit looking for others to take care of you, take care of yourself and challenge your every perception to test its accuracy. Then in your own wholeness move as your eternal nature and take care of those you love that will welcome your assistance. The light of awakening radiates into the space that surrounds your body and changes it, Including the people you come in contact with and they in turn change and pass it on as their own awakened radiance. Thus so reality changes. You awaken first and then the reality around you awakens, relax and let it happen to you
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