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Know yourself as a freeflow

Know yourself as a freeflow

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    Know yourself as a free flow. Look at yourself from God‘s point of view, where the universe itself is a very insignificant thing. Realize that this is all gods and so are we. Surrender everything in you to God. Quit disabling yourself by trying to hold onto what is not yours: (the past.) You are an open vessel for the creator to see from, receive, act through, and enjoy walking you around the universe. (And maybe a little beyond.) If you are trying to get rid of something, you’re owning it, or it would not be there. You don’t have to figure your way out of your traps and your needless limitations. When you notice your pains, traumas, your trapped and unconscious energies, remember they are not for a body to possess. They are only supposed to be an experience of a moment that is now long past. Whatever it is, that you feel or think, it’s all gods none of it is yours. Hoarding your traumas the way that you do, is stealing from God, (and as you may find out yourself ) so you feel bad, and cut yourself off from the infinite, the eternal, the sublime, and your own truth. Turn this life around now it’s time. Let it all go down the drain to be recycled. Stop trying to be permanent return to the free flow. And, know yourself as the free flow.
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