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Maximum Consiousness

Maximum Consiousness

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    How do you retain maximum consciousness within the limitations of creation? We have to re-ask the question; how much of our eternal truth and sublime nature, can we allow the body to have and still behave ourselves as a human? To still have a working body? To still be willing to interact with others? As the creator of the universe, we look at the universe in the palm of our hand, and into space and time, and find this body reading these words, and we ask ourselves,”how much of our creator consciousness can we operate the body with, where it is still a useful tool in the game of life? Now things are changing. I am personally here. Now that there is a choice point from where you are able to transform yourself and reality. You are the creator. Notice that always. The universe is in the palm of your hand. And That’s where you change your reality from.
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