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No Blame

No Blame

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    What does it take to make a decision effectively enough that everything actually changes? Where is it not a just a moment, day or evening of change, but a life change as a result of one experience? How do you have the impact of a near death experience of hanging out with Divine, universal, benevolent, wise beings? can you just open to that, level of experience? Yes, of course you can. You just do it. If there is a Christ consciousness, Krishna, or Buddha consciousness, whatever the peak experience it is. whatever you look up to as being the best: whatever is true for them is true for everyone else, too. Not circumstantially true, but eternally true. So if you’re the same as the best that is ever been,(and you are) the only differences are in the manifest circumstances. How much you become real and true in your wholeness. I don’t want to say what the roadmap is for that, I want to say, wake up and be free. Let it happen to you, and when you let it happen to you, you let it happen to the people around you. Let it happen for me too. We should be primarily be interacting with the friends that we have, that are looking for the best version of themselves to come out right now. They are intent of having a magnificent experience of themselves. That’s who your friends should be: the ones that are intent of experiencing themselves with the sense of wonder and amazement and bliss. Whoever is up for that, that’s who you want to share reality with as you’re moving in your transformation. To the degree that you need to, you need to do this on your own, alone. Because the more that you do this on your own, where the flow becomes you and you become the flow. Then you stay there when you are interacting with others. That’s all you’re really asking for is for you to be at your best with others, for you to be the you that is true to yourself and true to others. And does it way that is not destructive and is life supporting, that is consciousness supporting and freedom supporting. No blame for anybody because everyone is here to open and awaken and we are all doing the best that we can. You can be a little bit greedy and spend more of your time with those who are further along in their journey. it’s OK to have a life hack of being with a guru or a group of transcendent beings. That’s the whole point isn’t it? Heaven on earth. The divine in form, God within creation. So for much of this, it is my ego, asking the questions and finding this a difficult process. it’s because you first have to feel that sense of self, the thing that is you or has been defined as you, that is afraid and that’s where you have to wake up. that’s where your radiance begins to work. Opening up to your radiance within your suffering is what saves you. I should do a painting of that. The flow is getting really good now. Each time that you realize that you’ve gone unconscious again, then there should be some simple rules; as soon as you realize that you were operating unconsciously, you’re no longer in control, you are no longer in charge. Your job has changed to waving the white flag of surrender. Your surrounding yourself back to the universe, because universal wholeness, and universal truth is you. So you surrender your defined aspects, your lost fallen and injured aspects of yourself, you surrender them back to the divine and the eternal. You say; “here I am a sinner.” And I am here now to be whole. More of your life has to unwind. The solidity, the pain, the suffering, all get to dissipate right now. Stop holding onto your limitations. “ it’s a new day, it’s a new life, for me and I’m feeling good.” But it’s such a shift, wow, so much density, so much unconsciousness unraveling. So what’s left for our new beginning? How does this new beginning stay in the flow of truth, of understanding, of wisdom? As long as there is pain and suffering in your body, that’s where you open up and embrace it, open up and let it go. Not pushing it out, but opening up to feel it, and understand it. When you fully acknowledge something, then it has fulfilled the purpose of its being. Every one of those things is between you and your instantaneous awakening. Connect to it all. Look at it, feel it, understand it, know it and in that understanding, they dissipate, they unwind, they unravel. They are used as fuel for the fire of transformation. You feel it, you acknowledge it and you let it go. It’s not supposed to be you as the irresistible force against the immovable object. You are both movable and you’re both irresistible enough so there’s a flow between you and the experience of reality. The point that you wake up is when you realize that you fallen asleep again and as you choose again to feel it, acknowledge it and love the life that you are you are, You Are free.
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