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No Guilt

No Guilt

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    Our new beginning here begins with the knowing that we are not here to fix ourselves, no, Stop that. We’re not here to progress, no, stop that. You’re here to know yourself. That is the objective in your new beginning in this moment. No other moment, no future moment. In this moment, we begin anew in experiencing ourselves, exactly as we are. We are good with “this” (our actual circumstances, with no guilt, and no glory) Who and what am I really in this moment? We don’t hide from our circumstantial truths anymore so we can enter the flow. So just feel how the flow begins the moment you accept who and what you are without your demanding that there be an improvement before things can be OK. Allow things to be OK as they are, that’s how you open the gate to eternity, is by being OK with how things are in this moment.
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