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None good in heaven

None good in heaven

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    Here’s a joke that Jesus told me; "Thank God they don’t quote me in heaven the way they quote me on earth or there would be none good in heaven as well". For while I am the word, the words that I AM said was not the words that you read. Read between the lines, you are me and I am thine. When you look to me to be your truth, my truth I cannot share with you, for eternal truth is shared by brothers, not by hierarchies and while hierarchies may be true, they are only relatively so. The truth that you get from them must pass away, when your eternal perfection of spirit is your choice for self. There’s nothing true on earth, nothing at all. The only truth that is true, is the truth that never changes and this reality is defined by the transitions and cycles of life and energy moving from form to form, structure to structure, reality to reality and consciousness to consciousness, ever sure that what it is in each moment, is IT and as it struggles to stay the same, it changes. The never ending truth is; You are as you have chosen to be.
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