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Open and Open More

Open and Open More

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    Open and open more, until everything inside you dissolves and starts flowing. Continue to open and say yes to noticing the divine within you. When do you join the Divine celebration? When do you notice that you’re already free? When do I? When do we actually experience the truth that sets us free? Can it be now? Ask the Divine that you know, to assist you in remembering your own divine nature, your own divine essence, your own divine beingness. And stay open as you begin to experience the transformation. You only need to be willing to experience your transformation. If you’re not experiencing it, it’s because you were continually saying no. Begin to desire to be able to say yes to the transformation that you have continuously said no to up until now. Desire to say yes, wish to say yes, hope to say yes. Begin to notice for the first time that you’re now moving from a firm no, to divine realization, to an “OMG, I might do it.” I just might get to a yes for my self realization. Notice what happens when you choose to be real, realized, awakened and present in your wisdom. Yes, you have all of the contextual reality you have created still to deal with and be responsible for. Stay in your flow, stay open, stay free. And you will manage it better. You know that you are moving in the right direction in your choice, when you have an involuntary “I love my life!” Mini realization. That’s the beginning of Divine realization. “I love my life, and I never really did before. I love being me and I love everything around me. Especially everything I used to hate.” All are divine. Know that, and you gift the truth of others to them, in their experience of you. You gift others the possibility of knowing their own self realized truth, as you live your own. The universe will validate every limitation that you put on yourself. When do you know as a Divine being when it is OK for you to not limit yourself anymore? Is it OK for you to no longer maintain the structure of insanity in the human condition? In your own human condition? It would seem that you are now free to choose a divine life, or a profane one. If you choose freedom, that’s the divine one and your job is to get yourself out of the way, by saying yes, then opening and receiving the realization and transformation. Open and receive.
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