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Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    Who in heaven would you allow to love you divinely? The past doesn’t have the answer or the present would not be what it is. Heaven and Hell are both here in the same place at the same time which one do you open to? You’re already open to hell, Let heavenly awareness awaken in you everywhere hell exists for you. Welcome home, let the divine celebration begin again in you. The profane within you will learn the dance of divine creation in your reality now. It’s over, it’s done, it’s complete for all of us.(divinely realized as we choose from creator consciousness. ) Within our every damn limitation. Take your turn, take your medicine. Remember your truth, embody your true point of view. (For Maria: allow Jesus to give you permission to be yourself.) Open up enough for you to be a transformational shift for those who experience you. How much more could I actually transform if I truly said yes? (a lot, a f…..g lot!) Why am I still afraid to say yes? Your mantra is “ let us celebrate, the game of pretense is over.” Feel it coming, there is a celebration beginning within you. Do the dance of the awakened diva. The contextual truth is the one that surrenders. I surrender. It is as simple as “ let it happen now” Put a divine in to the story of you. Rest in peace while you yet live gloriously.
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