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The Creator as you

The Creator as you

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    The creator as you. A painting from a transcription of a session tonight that pushes the boundries. But I think that the point. To remove all artificial boundaries of consciousness and Mis-identification. Part 1 The first thing I'd like you to do is, I'd like you to imagine something that I propose is actually true. Imagine that you are a being that is so large, that the entirety of the universe is there in the palm of your hand. And You're the one that's responsible for its existence. You're the creator. OK? OK. Now, close your eyes and look at that infinite universe, its Just a small part of you. So everything that's ever happened, everything that's ever been, was set in motion, by your decisions for this universe to come into being And the consciousness within the universe, all of it's yours. Now, there's a decision that you could make. And that is to say, if I conceived the universe, created the universe, put my consciousness in the universe to animate the manifestations of matter there. And things are less than a harmonic resonant celebration of each other. That's a lack of consciousness. And so, how much more, of your consciousness would it take, for the universe to, self realize your creator consciousness within the individuated aspects of consciousness in the universe? The consciousness that you have, is a creator consciousness that's in a state of confusion and misidentification. And there's nothing for you to do, other than to notice that, that creator of the universe that holds the universe in the palm of its hand, is in fact, you. Then as you put your attention around the universe and you notice the consciousness of everything and everyone in it, you notice that that's your consciousness also. So everything that has ever happened here, every limitation that exists here. Every enlightened point of view here, is your responsibility. It's your creation, its your responsibility. Things are the way they are here because of you, and the way things are here are often difficult. You know, everything eats everything else.Very little, of the manifestations here are saying I love it exactly the way that it is. All aspects of consciousness seem to want it to be different than it is, including yourself. That's why we're having this conversation because, you had a negative reaction to an experience here, that's affecting you in the present. So if the vast majority of your consciousness is completely outside of this universe, and yet a small part of it animates the entire universe. And once, consciousness is individuated into different aspects of creation, it's not for one aspect of creation to choose for all other aspects, but for each individuated aspects to choose for themselves. So you can choose a couple of things: from that point of view of the creator consciousness, holding the universe in your hand, being your creation, and the consciousness within it, your consciousness. How much more of your consciousness will you allow, or will you gift to your creation? How much more present will you be within your creation? OK. That made things a little bit better. Now, as Maddie, as Ariel, knowing that you're lost, knowing that you're trapped, knowing that you're misidentified, knowing that you've been abused and traumatized and identified as this one lifetime, this one life form, and yet at the same time, you know, your, goddess nature and it's beyond that, you know, we created the space where all the gods and goddesses all together can come to know themselves and create and destroy whatever it is that gods and goddesses do. You gave place for all of them too. And your nature includes, all goddesses, all gods. Everything is divine. Yes, feel that, feel the truth of that set you free. Yes feel that flow. And as this individuated consciousness, that aspect of the creator, you get to choose for yourself. As the creator you chose to allow more of your consciousness, more of your presence within the universe. So the universe has enough self-awareness to behave itself, to be in harmony aspect to aspect. To no longer need to be a conflict, a competition, a fight, you know. Where things don't need to eat each other to survive. And how much consciousness does that take? That amount, OK. So each aspect chooses its expression itself. So how much the creator truth that's now available to every aspect of manifestation in the universe? How much of that are you gonna say; Yes to, yes please, this much for this body. Are you willing to be the one that asked for everything? It's the right choice. There. Yes. So ask, as for it, all and allow yourself to open and expand, to be changed by the truth that sets you free. Feel your heart, notice the divine radiance opening within you, beginning to penetrate the the body and radiate out. The creator, consciousness, truth that sets the body free, emanating from you into this reality, dissolving everything that was body identified. Body limited, created an unawareness and unconsciousness and fear. All of that made irrelevant by, your love, of all life, of all individuation, of all consciousness, especially yourself, your body, your temple. So allow your temple, to be cleansed, easily, beautifully, by the creator consciousness that is the truth of you, it has a temple for free expression, and free flow of creator consciousness here, in the midst of creation. The creator awakened within the creation, as the creation as you.
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