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The Opening

The Opening

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    As the flow begins to move again, it begins to move faster and faster and faster. The more that you keep your attention on that, whatever it is, that you feel, it’s like surfing a wave of responsibility. Where you are connected to freedom and suffering, at the same time. And as you surf on that wave, one foot in freedom, and one foot in suffering, so you’re right at the point of creation and destruction. The past limitations are being destroyed, and the new creations opening into freedom and ability, are creating a new world for you. A new universe actually, a new you. The new beginning. At this level of awareness, I have some levels and areas in my neck and shoulders, and now I can open up, feel it and have them move instantly. This type of confronting creates a flow that actually moves you. You move from pain to pain, limitation of limitation, and as you open into it, it moves directly into the flow and is absorbed. There’s no dams anymore. The content is still there, but there are no more barriers to it. Open into feeling everything, without confronting anything as a problem. You’re not blaming anybody else and you are taking responsibility yourself. But you’re not blaming yourself either. You’re just assessing the feelings and understanding what is. As soon as you feel something that’s hard, you fully grab it, feel and understand it, until whatever that creation was, was embraced, heard, and understood. Until the lies within it dissolved away. And thus the fabric of its existence disappeared. I have some great friends and good supporters, even though I am unconscious nearly every moment of every day. So you are beginning to feel free in your own body, what a blessing that would be, and I am beginning to sense how possible that is for me. There are pains, that I am still dealing with, feeling impossible to resolve, but the second I stay connected to it, it opens up more and more, and is resolved more and more. This is working for me, and I hope for you too. A continuous realization where, as soon as I feel the pain and sorrow, the regret and suffering. That is my signal that I have gone unconscious, and now I embrace it until the flow begins and I continue to embrace it in the flow so that it flows faster and faster and faster. Beginning with the first thing that you confront, and then the next one, and the next one. The content really doesn’t matter once the flow begins. It doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s limitations, pains, sorrows, suffering and ego, all you have to do is let it flow through you. It’s just as simple as staying in the flow and if you’re not in the flow, you connect with everything that is solid, until it begins to flow and it begins to flow as soon as you are not judging it as good or bad and who was responsible and who wasn’t. Because you can’t do this, and be a victim, or because you gave someone else the power of creation over you. When somebody else is in charge, what can you do? Things are refining nicely for me right now, my first smile of the evening. To effectively deal with your pains, sorrows, and regrets. Notice that you were thinking and talking from an unconscious point of view and regretting the past. “Instead of waking up, I was being a victim there, even if I was just being a victim of my own unconsciousness.” As soon as you were in the mode of trying to figure it out, that’s your signal to yourself that you are not being yourself, and your consciousness is back into a state of right, and wrong, good and evil. Leaving you in a mental state of “I am the only one that is right and yet I am completely wrong.” And if you try to fix that, which means solve it, right? It also means stuck and in place.“ Fix” is not the flow. A dam is fixed. Damnation is stuck, is bottled up, it’s not flowing, it’s not in the movement of creation. Whenever you are feeling stuck, and you are trying to figure out the problem to unstick yourself. Then you were trying to validate a fallen state of consciousness as the truth of who you are. If you’re trying to fix yourself from the ” truth” That you are disabled, as soon as you realize that you are unconscious, then acknowledge that you are disabled. But you don’t continue to own that as the defining fact of your personality and identity. These are temporary circumstances that could be gone in a fraction of a second, as soon as you open up and experience your wholeness again. Your wholeness encompasses everything, there’s nothing that you can feel, or imagine, or conceive of, where your wholeness isn’t there. So all of those solidities that you feel in yourself, those shutdowns, those pains and unconsciousness. Your wholeness is there. And so as soon as you feel that unconsciousness with your wholeness there in the same time and space: you feel your pain, suffering, and radiance at the same time. That is where the flow begins, and you just stay in that experience of your life as the flow. And your moving in wholeness and wisdom. Then everything that comes up there that is not quite right; you open, you embrace it, you feel it, you understand it, you let it go, and you make wise decisions about it. Is there anything that we can add to this that will make it any better? Does it help to ask deities for assistance? Does it help to say; God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Kali: “I would like to awaken fully now, would you join the party please.” There should be a divine celebration for your awakening, and in a real awakening, I think you would be there with all of your eternal friends. Everybody celebrating the fact that.” you did it.” You came here to be the embodiment of divine realization and celebration, and you did it against all odds, seemingly. A new beginning has begun, and finally the day has come, where you will have your time, in the sun. The sun will find, that is at the center of it all, within your heart you’ll end your fall. Open and be free, for within you today, I see the new beginning, the new way, the new time is here and moving for you. It’s a flow now, you’re no longer damned. Doesn’t mean that you’re not waking up in painful circumstances, but now it is changing in every moment, now, it is getting better. It’s exciting to open to the flow and be in the flow and as that flow moves through us, it removes the definitions of who you are and releases, and erases them. So good luck, in realizing your truth that sets you free.
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