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Whats good enough

Whats good enough

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    What’s good enough? Is it good enough for you to be normal If you have a glimpse of who you really are? No it’s not. Once you know what the truth is, it’s incumbent upon you to embody it. You can’t know the truth, your truth, and be outside of it. It has to reorient your experience of who you are, so let it. Feel what it is to be you, and feel what it is to have the circumstantial view that is built upon your circumstances and experience of life and when all of that experience becomes an infidecimal speck, When your wisdom, knowing, awareness and understanding of the universe and why all things are the way that they are.What happens? Your truth is beyond your human knowing and understanding. So what is it to be good for you, once you know the truth? It can’t be to be a good person. It can’t be, to be healthy, happy, generous, compassionate and grateful. No. That’s what a good citizen does. That’s what a good human does. What happens when you move beyond the veil and remember who you are and you experience that wholeness, the fullness, that understanding, that being of an eternal creator? Once you have experienced it, that’s your new baseline. You don’t go back into owning the lies. You allow the lies to see the truth and to be free from themselves. The lies are what is transformed, the truth is always free. And the process of transformation is simply losing the lies that you heard, and said, and knew that they were not true. Just let the light of your eternal nature and point of view be in contact with that. Be still, and it will all shift, reorient and reformat, according to the experience of truth, instead of the current confusion, fear, misunderstanding, and unconsciousness. Why be here if you’re not here at your best? So when we talk, that’s what we talk about; we talk about how do we have a transformational shift? How does reality become different for us? How is it that our personality, our experience of our identity opens and experiences a self-awareness that is transcendent? And then, for a time we are both the damned and the divine at the same time. And that’s just the way that it is; you are the paradox, heaven, and Hell, occupying the same space, in the same mind, in the same body. Yes, breathe that in and be comfortable with it. It’s what’s real and what’s real is what’s true and it’s the truth that when realized will set you free. So allow yourself to realize the truth. Which means: make the truth what is real inside of you. Because what is inside of us now, the vast majority is just lies. So let the truth set you free, set you free from your confusion, from your misunderstandings, from your lies that you said, and the lies that you’ve read, heard and accepted as an appropriate map of reality for you. So what is an appropriate map of reality for you? Once you have a map of reality, you’re not supposed to be confused anymore. You’re not supposed to be afraid anymore. You know what to expect from each circumstance that you are in. And when you know what to expect, and you are aware, hopefully we can act in harmony, with what we know, with what we see, and with what we feel. How do we feel and know and see and operate as our wholeness? First we have to allow ourselves to experience something that we don’t even know if it is real or not. But, if it is real, if there is some transcendent truth about you that actually is the truth, then why would you not want to know about that? And experience that for yourself? Because there is nothing sacred about being lost and being in fear, and being ruled by traumas, belief systems, thoughts, ideas, and misunderstandings. Take a look at that from a higher place, from the space where you have experienced your divine nature and look at that life down below. Your consciousness, and the way it moves, operates, and understands things. Then contemplate the fact that you may choose to come into that body With your Divine knowing, awareness and understanding and take residence there. But it is something that you have to choose in the transformation phase. It is something that you have to choose in each moment or you get knocked unconscious again. So here we are, heaven and hell equally, but our unconsciousness is so pervasive, that that is where our consciousness is and we are trapped. That’s where we are identified, and we are this failed being that is separate from God, and separate from the divine and lost in the darkness, confused, misunderstood, and completely beside yourself in fear, anger, and rage and confusion. So that’s you and that’s me and that’s us looking down at this circumstance, this mess of contextual truths held together by lies and now willingly move consciously into the mess of our human misadventure into life. It’s what you’ve got, it’s your home here. The life that you have here is the one that you are in. So open up to your truth sufficiently, that you can experience a miraculous transformation for the better. Allow yourself to be changed right now, allow everything that has defined you, that has been less than divinely self realized and aware to dissolve, fall away and be unraveled by the lies that have held it together. Let the lies burn off in the light of your grace, your truth, your flow of unconditional love, and compassion. Shed that old you. It’s an old snakeskin. It does not fit anymore, let it all go. Let everything go that does not fit your eternal nature and your noble soul. Allow all of those creations to be set free now. Just let them go and say “ good luck, enjoy moving into your mastery now, instead of your pretense“ that’s what we are contemplating right now. Each one of us is asking ourselves; is our mastery in life something that I am choosing to say yes to right here and right now? Do I choose my mastery, my awakening, my self realization, my enlightenment, right here and right now? Each of us is here specifically to awaken in the moment of now, and allow our identity to shift in the experience of it. Allow your awakening to shift your reality to the point where that awakening is a shift in your identity and your personality into your embodiment of divine truth. This is the first part of a session with two friends of mine, that I transcribed and included as part of my artwork.
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