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Where you get stuck

Where you get stuck

48" x 48" Acrylic on wood panel
  • Session

    When You get mad or irritated, That is where you are stuck and you are not stuck because of the other person. You are stuck because you have over identified as the personality and the body. You are not your body, mind, instincts, or memories. You’re only the awareness of the void. Everything else is created and you have identified yourself as a creation. You are now experiencing self, only as the history of the body you are known here as, your life. You have been judge jury and executioner of your own consciousness. The truth is, you are a bad guy, simply because of how you treat yourself. You do not allow yourself to access the truth that would set you free-Your truth. And until you do, you are your own worst enemy. Me too. You decided who you were, before you experienced the truth of yourself. How do we undo that bad decision? How do we open again and allow ourselves to “experience in body”, the truth, that sets the embodied consciousness free? You were only playing a character on the big screen and the movie is now over. Get off your high horse, get off the screen, and out of the theater and back to the truth of you. The one you always are, when you are not pretending to be something. What are your possibilities if you open up to perceive them? We have to be done with self sabotage. How do we open enough to receive enough truth that we are divinely free? Relax, you are in the final chapter of your story. Enjoy the happily ever after ending. Time doesn’t need to be a limiting factor in your consciousness. There is nothing in your body, except vibration and frequency, so change your tune. What keeps your frequency stable? Where are the controls of your frequency stabilizer? Where is the control for the frequency and awareness of you? Where is that master template that has your name on it? We don’t know and so we divinely ask. Who do we ask? Everyone that has mastered their self and duality, manifest and manifest. Who is the master of the un manifest and what creation divinely ends the suffering in creation? Divine you. Divine You = end of suffering. These are only words and words are not the truth. So this painting is a lie from polarized consciousness and while that is true, you can use it as a focal point for your opening. You can still use it to be free. Allow the motion of the paint to free your energy. Now notice the truth within that sets you free.
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